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Value Plans with no Health Questions Asked

If you want simple and affordable health coverage without the hassle of providing a medical history or medical tests, try our Go blue Value Plan with No Health Questions Asked. Plans are easy to apply for and you are guaranteed acceptance, which means you can’t be denied coverage. Value plans provide discounts on health care service, and routine care coverage that won’t break the bank. Pre-Existing conditions are covered from DAY ONE!

The GoBlue health services card makes routine health care simple and affordable. We make it simple for you to go to the doctor and get lab tests. Lab services are covered 100% by Quest Diagnostics. The GoBlue limited benefit plan is often combined with a one of our other Guaranteed Issue products such as Assurant Health Care or Companion Life.

Here is what the Go Blue covers for YOU!!

Value Plans With No Questions Asked
GoBlue Plan 91

The Health Services Card with Privileges

GoBlue makes health care simple. Plans cover your routine health care needs for physician office visits, dental care, prescription drugs and lab services. You can see any provider you want and we’ll pay a maximum of $50 towards each visit for covered services and you pay the balance. If you use NetworkBlue, you’ll get a discounted rate because our providers have agreed to charge you less than what they normally charge. But it’s your choice. If you decide to go out of the network, we’ll still spot you a maximum of $50 towards covered services.

There is no lifetime maximum, which means you get these benefits all the time, anytime you want, as long as you are paying for the plan. All you do is show your GoBlue card and you save big.

Physicians Services You Get: to visit the doctor or specialist of your choice, but save more money if you use a network provider because they’ve agreed to charge our GoBlue members a discounted rate.You Get:to go to urgent care centers and convenient care centers, but save more money if you use a network provider because they’ve agreed to charge our GoBlue members a discounted rate.You Get: routine well and sick visits for children and adults; including physicals, mammograms, and allergy injections.
Lab Services You Get: lab services including blood tests, health screenings and monitoring tests, and other tests your doctor may order.
Dental Services You Get: preventive dental services including routine oral exams and cleanings two times a year.You Get: to visit any dentist you want, without referrals or authorizations.
Pharmacy Services You Get: discounts on prescription drugs and diabetic supplies at lower than retail prices from network pharmacies.

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